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As an advanced therapeutic treatment, intravenous hydration therapy includes injecting a fluid substance, i.e. solution, directly into the veins. Some of the main purposes of this treatment are to correct problems with electrolyte status, fluid balance maintenance and fluid losses in a patient for Cold and Flu, Migraine relief, Immune boost, hangover recovery, Athlete Prep Hydration Therapy, and Stress Relief IV Therapy in Newport Beach, Calfornia.

Doctors at Soboba Medical Weight loss strongly believe that a thorough health assessment is essential to understand the individual’s needs before going ahead with IV hydration therapy.

Hydration therapy is the process of injecting intravenous (IV) fluids to body to increase the rate of absorption of water and vitamins.
For athletes, this therapy is used for balancing electrolytes and improving performance.

  • Reducing pain after performing intense workout
  • After a long hour of dance performance or a night of drinking, it can rehydrate your body
  • Curing medical conditions like morning sickness, flu, cold, stomach bug, etc.
  • Curing your digestive disorders

At Soboba Medical Weight Loss program, you can visit our doctor’s and get a consultation, completely free of cost. We ensure everybody has access to a healthy lifestyle.

The area in your arm will be sanitized before inserting a sterilized IV catheter needle. Once done safely, it will be further secured with the help of tapes. You might experience a mild sting sensation, but that subsides almost immediately. Qualified medical practitioner at Soboba Medical Weight Loss regulates the fluid amount entering your vein.
The duration largely depends on the individual’s condition. But typically, it takes around 60-90 minutes for IV hydration therapy to complete. Sometimes, it also ends within 20 minutes.
Few of the possible complications during this procedure are a pain, bruising, infection, etc. For serious instances, blood clot or inflammation may also occur. However, these are rare cases with us as we ensure your treatment is carried out safely.

At Soboba Medical Weight Loss, IV hydration therapy is strictly provided by experienced staff who are licensed and trained under physician’s supervisions.

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