Body Wraps

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European Body Wraps

Essential herbal oils combined with intense external heat detoxifies and liquefies excess fat cells.
Benefits include reduction in the appearance of cellulite and loss of inches from the waist, abdomen, hips and thighs.

European Body Wraps – FAQs

What are body wraps?

Body wraps stimulate circulation and soothe the skin, and have been used for centuries to draw impurities from the body through sweat. They also help to reduce cellulite.

How do body wraps work?

Body wraps work based on absorption of herbal oils from skin that absorb to central skin layers.

Who is a right candidate for body wraps?

Anyone can enjoy the wrap for its relaxation and detoxification. The only exception is that we can not give wraps to women who are pregnant or nursing.

How about safety &side effects of body wraps?

There are no side effects for body wraps.

How long does it take to have body wraps?

You will be wrapped for 45 minutes; the total amount time in the office is one hour.

Before body wraps Instructions? 

Do not eat heavy food before body wraps, and if at all possible take a warm shower just before your session-this helps to open the pores to allow easy access for the oils.

After body wraps Instructions?

In order to get the optimum effect from the oils in body wraps process, it is best not to shower for 2-3 hours after having a body wraps. It is also recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to prolong the effects of the body wraps.

Testimonials from body wraps clients?

“I used Soboba Weight Loss Body Wraps for my thighs and belly this morning. I could not believe it – and I asked my year old daughter if they looked smaller and she said ”yes”. I lost around 2 inches in my belly and 1 inch around my thigh.”Jennifer B. Irvine, CA

How much does body wraps cost?

Soboba Weight Loss Special Price for Body wraps:

  • One session for new patient only $55
  • Three sessions for new patient only $160
  • Six sessions for new patient only $320
  • Ten sessions for new patient only $525

How do you do body wraps?

We begin by placing essential oils on the skin, then you will be wrapped in a warming blanket for 45 minutes.
When this is done, another essential oil is placed on the skin.
The room is darkened and relaxation tapes are played to enhance the experience, leaving you calm and refreshed.

How long results of body wraps last?

The results from a single wrap will last about 3 days.
For a more permanent result you need to do a series of 10 wraps, twice a week for 5 weeks.
Follow up with a series of 3 wraps approximately every 3-4 months for maintenance.