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With over 10,000+ patients, SOBOBA Medical Weight Loss Clinics offer complete and trusted medical weight loss program in Southern California.

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SOBOBA HCG Diet Creates Lasting Results

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Is your slow metabolism a problem?

Medical Weight Loss Program That You Can Trust

At SOBOBA Medical Weight Loss clinics, we have been helping patients successfully lose weight safely in Orange County, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County since 1968. Our physicians and staff focus solely on the weight loss so we are able to focus on your success.

  • 100% Medical Doctor Weight Loss Clinics.
  • Nutrition and Fitness Consultant in Clinics
  • Personalized Weight Loss Program that Matches with Your Lifestyle
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What does make SOBOBA medical Weight Loss program unique?

Our physicians are knowledgeable in nutrition and weight loss. They understand that weight loss is hard, but with safe and effective medications and nutritional guidance, you can reach your ideal weight. While on the Soboba Medical Weight Loss Program, you are free to meet with a physician anytime, free of charge.

We have a nutritionist on staff to help you choose a personalized meal plan to ensure that you maintain your health throughout your weight loss journey. Meeting with our nutritionist will help you better understand how to use food to help you lose weight and to maintain the weight loss that you achieve.

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